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Tommy Ellis began his trucking business in 1983 upon the birth of his son Corey.  Tommy was a railroad engineer by trade but loved trucks and they became his full time hobby. He loved trucking so much that even when he was running a train, he would call into Bill Mack’s radio show on WBAP in Dallas, to entertain the truckers that were listening as “Toot-Toot Tommy”!

Tommy continued to both railroad and run his trucking business until a major illness in 2009.  At that time his wife Paula and Son Corey took over where he left off.  The business is now run by Tommy’s wife, son and two daughters, Tiffany and Amber. It has grown to be what he always dreamed!

There have been many changes to the trucking industry and to Tommy Ellis Trucking over the past 30+ years.  He would be proud that even with our growth we are still known for our integrity and customer service, the two things he demanded as a business man.